Woman Wins Award

Ms Briggs recently was involved in a situation that many women unfortunately find themselves in... the subject of the unwanted advances of a sexual predator. However, Ms Briggs acted to defend herself, verbally and physically, and to see that this predator was brought to justice. The following video on "youtube.com" depicts the circumstances and her response.

Also, there was a tremendous amount of support world-wide, as demonstrated by the following, indicating the ongoing need for women to change their awareness to be able to deal with such a situation in a positive and self-affirming way to minimize the effects of becoming a "victim," both physically and psychologically.


Nicola Briggs: My Favorite Person of 2010

Amy Martin writes: "Hopefully you remember Nicola Briggs---I will never forget her. See her tell her own version of her story here. And for more resources on fighting street harrassment, check out the awesome HollaBack!"

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