Senior's Tai Chi Workout:
Improve Balance, Strength and Flexibility

by Master Domingo Colon

99 pages; Black coil; black and white images;
ISBN 1-4120-7764-8

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Senior's Tai Chi Workout... the first Tai Chi workout book designed especially for seniors that's easy to follow and provides a complete workout in 15 minutes.

BOOK REVIEW: Tai Chi Master Domingo Colon has put his many years of experience as a physical therapist, adaptive fitness specialist, and Tai Chi instructor to excellent use in this succinct workbook of Tai Chi exercises for seniors. Click here to read more of this review from Clarion Book Reviews.

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About the Book

The Senior's Tai Chi Workout is the first complete guide for mature adults to help them achieve their goals of greater mobility using Tai Chi exercise. This easy to follow format starts with a detailed description of each exercise, accompanied by a clear series of photographs of Master Domingo Colon himself showing each movement step-by-step.

Master Colon has developed a unique method of teaching Tai Chi so that each practitioner is able to perform the exercises safely and efficiently for maximum benefit. Special attention has been given to the correct alignment of the knees, spine, shoulders and neck, which are areas of concern for many older adults. His concise approach combines his training as a physical therapist and his 40 years of Tai Chi experience to help re-establish healthy patterns of movement to make everyday tasks much easier to accomplish.

There are so many physical and mental benefits to be gained by learning the exercises in this book, which include: better balance, increased flexibility, greater blood and lymphatic circulation, deeper and easier breathing, superior muscle tone, and better memory, focus and concentration. And the best part is that the reader will start feeling some of these positive results right away after just a few practice sessions, because the explanations are very easy to follow.

This workout guide begins by discussing the principles and concepts of Tai Chi so that are important considerations.

Then the Meditation Section provides a method to calm and focus the mind before the more challenging exercises to follow. This technique emphasizes deep, diaphragmatic breathing, positive visualization, and physical postures that help to invigorate the body and mind.

This is followed by a series of Chi Kung (energy and breathing exercises) that increase general flexibility, circulation and flexibility in individual areas of your body. Many may choose to perform these exercises on a daily basis to maintain or improve their conditioning. The exercises are gentle enough that they may be done every day.

The next section is a detailed step-by-step description of the Wu Chi Tai Chi Form. This is the series of beautiful and graceful Tai Chi flowing exercises usually seen in demonstrations of Tai Chi. Clear and simple instructions, with accompanying photos, allows anyone to easily learn these movements and immediately begin to benefit from them. Extreme attention is given to providing safe instructions, breathing techniques and all required information without burdening the student with unnecessary detail.

At the end of the book, there are several sections that act as additional references about the benefits of the exercises, correct breathing techniques and advanced meditation and relaxation exercises. Information is provided to allow all readers to conveniently communicate with us to have questions answered.

About the Author

After investigating various exercise and health systems for more than three years, Master Domingo Colon began his study of Tai Chi in 1965.

He found in Tai Chi the perfect combination of exercise, meditation, philosophy and self-defense, providing a superior balance of mind and body development. One important requirement was that the system he chose to study would be one which he would be able to continue for the rest of his life, if he so desired. Observing that many Tai Chi practitioners continued to study even when quite advanced in age and in fact improved over time, he chose Tai Chi as his health system to study in depth.

He devoted over 18 years to studying intensely with three leading authorities of the art; Masters Wm. C.C. Chen, C. K. Chu and B. P. Chan all in New York City.

By 1975, he had developed the necessary skills to be appointed Chief Instructor by Master C. K. Chu.

In 1978, he founded the Tai Chi School of Westchester, where he currently conducts classes in all facets of Tai Chi including Tai Chi Forms, Chi Kung, Taoist Healing Techniques, Breathing Exercises, Meditation and Stress Reduction, Taoist Philosophy, Chi Development and Energy Channeling for Health, and Self Defense, Sparring and Weapons Techniques.

He has assisted many students in preparing to compete successfully in Tai Chi tournaments, and has served as a certified judge at these events since 1980.

Since 1971, Master Colon has taught numerous special courses for many Tri-State companies, civic groups, colleges, continuing education programs, hospitals and other health facilities. He has appeared many times on cable television and radio shows and is a contributor to specialized publications dealing with the martial arts and Chinese healing methods.

He has also designed specialized programs for seniors and individuals with special needs, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Arthritis and many others.

Master Colon has an extensive and diverse teaching schedule, besides a full time schedule teaching at the Tai Chi School of Westchester in Bronxville New York, currently teaching at: St. Mary's Children's Rehabilitation Center, Hebrew Home for the Aged, Dobbs Ferry Seniors Center, Rye Brook Seniors Center, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Greenwich Hospital. Master Colon also assists others and participates in scientific research to document the many benefits of Tai Chi.

Master Colon also studied physical therapy, working primarily in sports medicine, and in 1992 was certified as an Adaptive Fitness Instructor trained to teach aerobic, strength and flexibility exercises to the physically challenged.

This unique and extensive background in Tai Chi and physical therapy allows Master Colon to teach a highly effective and safe synthesis of Eastern and Western healing methods.

In 2003, Master Colon presented a comprehensive program for Tai Chi instructors, "Teaching Tai Chi to Specialized Populations" to assist Tai Chi teachers in effectively adapting Tai Chi for specific health conditions and circumstances.

Having taught senior's Tai Chi classes since 1980, Master Colon created special programs and teaching methods that are ideal for seniors, by carefully analyzing both seniors' needs and the fundamental principles of Tai Chi.

These programs take into consideration the special needs of seniors beginning Tai Chi, including possible limitations in range of motion due to arthritic conditions, discomfort from injuries, surgeries or illness, challenges to memory, and years of lack of exercise.

These programs are easy to learn, require only a modest investment in time, and provide many benefits. Seniors see a dramatic improvement in their balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, circulation, endurance, energy, mental focus and concentration after performing these Tai Chi exercises.

It is Master Colon's mission to help the many diverse populations with restrictions or special needs to experience Tai Chi's countless benefits.


US$30.00 (plus $5 Shipping & Handling) Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
Free Bonus: With the purchase of this book, you may take a FREE review class at the Tai Chi School
of Westchester to go over all these exercises. Please call (914) 337-3339 to schedule your class.

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