Online Exercises

The Rhythmic Heart

Side View
Heart 1
1. This is...
Heart 2
2. All one...
Heart 3
3. Long Inhale...
Heart 4
4. Inhale.
Illustrations above are done to one l-o-n-g Inhale.

Illustrations below are done to one l-o-n-g Exhale.
Heart 5
5. Exhale as hands...
Heart 6
6. Come forward form fists...
Heart 7
7. And Pull back...
Heart 8
8. Hands open, Come Forward... REPEAT from beginning.

Begin with both palms in front of chest in prayer position, palms touching.(see Image 1)


Turn your hands so that your fingertips point directly in front of your body. Extend your arms forward, palms still touching until your arms are straight. Open your arms wide to your sides until your shoulder blades feel as if they are about to touch. (see Images 1 through 4)


Keeping your arms straight, bring your arms back in front of your body. Form both hands into fists, bend your elbows and pull your arms back, fists next to your chest feeling your chest expand. (see Images 5 through 8)

Repeat from the beginning.