Online Exercises

The Archer

The Archer 1
Image 1
The Archer 2
Image 2
Inhale on Arm Extension
The Archer 3
Image 3
Exhale as you center
The Archer 4
Image 4
Inhale on Arm Extension
Insert A
Image 4a
Insert B
Image 4b

Form fists out of both hands and place the fists facing
each other at the knuckles in front of your chest. (see Image 1)


Extend one arm, turn your head to look toward extended arm. Draw other arm with your elbow pointing out to your side as you expand your chest, allow your rib cage to open and feel the stretch throught your back. (see Image 2 or 4 )


Change hands from "Archer" position to fists and bring both fists to original position in front of your chest. Feel chest closing as your back relaxes. (see Image 3)
Repeat each stretch 8 times to each side.