An Introduction to the Tai Chi School of Westchester

with Master Domingo Colon

Example Image Here is some information that will assist you in beginning your exciting journey to increased Health, Strength, and Peace of Mind. You will soon see why Tai Chi has been practiced by millions of Chinese people for hundreds of years.

Benefit from the unique synthesis of an extensive background in Tai Chi (since 1965) and training in Physical Therapy that I use to clearly and accurately provide the best of eastern and western traditional healing methods. Learn Tai Chi in as safe and comfortable an environment as possible and make your Tai Chi experience an enjoyable one.

Tai Chi will help you in reaching your lifelong goals of obtaining optimum physical and mental health, while developing your spiritual awareness.

I look forward to sharing this wonderful ancient Chinese health system with you.

I am happy to answer any questions, simply email me at:

Our website contains valuable information about Tai Chi exercises and philosophy, and includes a question and answer column, and a listing of special Tai Chi School events. The website is updated frequently and your comments are always welcome.

Walk the path of Tai Chi in health, peace, and balance.

Domingo Colon, Sifu
February 2008