Welcome to Learning Tai Chi

Our classes will gently and gradually take you through the beginning, intermediate or advanced stages of Tai Chi so that you may absorb this wonderful art easily into your body and mind with a minimum of effort.

Each week we will review with you the material previously presented, before proceeding to the new exercises.

Please remember, it is not how many exercises you learn, but how well you can perform and feel the movements, within your personal ability - that is the goal. The object of your study is a transformation of your body and mind, not merely the rote memorization of a sequence of movements.

Concentrate on the few basics taught in each class to establish a strong foundation for future development. As you do Tai Chi, you will condition your body, becoming stronger, more flexible, better coordinated, improving your breathing and gaining all of the many benefits mentioned throughout your Student Orientation Manual. All this takes time. Therefore, be patient and enjoy the process.

Focus on slow, gentle, relaxed movements - one flowing into the next, without strain. Breathe normally, in a relaxed manner, until the precise breathing method associated with the exercises is taught to you.

If you feel any strain in your knees, back or neck, let us know right away. There should never be any unusual stress placed on any of those spots. Sifu's extensive Tai Chi training and background in physical therapy will assure that you learn Tai Chi safely and efficiently.

To maximize your benefits from Tai Chi, we recommend that you practice on a daily basis, 15 minutes minimum, in addition to your regular classes. You may find it very helpful to do your exercises at the beginning of your day, to loosen up, or at the end of your day to wind down. Choose the most appropriate time for you and make it a regular habit.

If you miss a week, don't worry about falling behind the other students. Each week you will review the previous week's exercises and then continue your study from there.

If there is any way that I can make your Tai Chi experience more satisfying, or if you have questions, feel free to discuss this with me.

Have fun on your journey to outstanding health and well-being!

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