Nicola Briggs - Tai Chi and Chi Kung Instructor

Nicola Briggs began her Tai Chi studies in 1993 with Master Domingo Colon, Director of The Tai Chi School of Westchester, est. 1978. From the start of her Tai Chi journey, she was fascinated with how Tai Chi can be used as a powerful tool to dramatically improve the mental and physical quality of one's life.

This ancient Chinese health system focuses on harmonizing the chi, or vital life forces of the body, to attain deep levels of relaxation, awareness, and vibrant overall health.


Known as "moving meditation," Tai Chi cultivates tranquility and reduces tension and stress, with relaxed, sequentially flowing movement. Elevated levels of stress in today’s world have greatly increased the risk of serious illness, so it is more important than ever to manage stress in a healthy way.

Regular practice of Tai Chi reduces the incidence of sickness and depression, according to research featured in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Tai Chi can be an effective treatment for the prevention of illnesses such as hypertension, rheumatism, asthma, gastritis and migraine. It is also an excellent complement to rehabilitative programs such as Physical Therapy, because it works to gently and gradually condition the muscles and strengthen the bone structure.

Gold Medal Winner - Snake Pose

2001 Gold Medallist
Advanced Tai Chi Form

Chi Kung, which means “energy work,” is another exercise used to promote healing with gentle stretching and deep breathing, and is a wonderful complement to the Tai Chi form, often acting as a warm-up at the start of classes. Ms. Briggs seeks to emphasize the many health benefits of both Tai Chi and Chi Kung, to allow the student to fully experience their restorative powers.

Ms. Briggs teaches throughout the New York area in many hospitals, community centers, nursing homes and corporations.

She takes a unique and effective approach to teaching Tai Chi that is particularly suited for each of these varied settings, which has inspired the company name, Tai Chi For Everyone. Even in group-class settings, she gives individualized instruction to provide correct postural alignment, which ensures a safe and enjoyable practice for all students.

The gentle nature of most Tai Chi exercises makes it ideal for all ages and physical conditions. Major benefits for seniors include better balance and coordination: studies by the National Institute On Aging (NIA) found that Tai Chi reduces the risk of falling by 47.5 percent. Tai Chi also builds bone density, which prevents osteoporosis. Greater flexibility and endurance are some more key benefits, in addition to significantly strengthening the immune system. While classes may focus on different benefits, all classes emphasize the importance of relaxation.

Tai Chi in the Park
Tai Chi in the Park

Ms. Briggs has also participated in numerous public demonstrations for such institutions as the American Cancer Society, the National Arthritis Foundation, and the American Lung Association. She is committed to raising the level of public awareness about the healing qualities of Tai Chi, and how it can be effective in asthma and pain management programs. She is an experienced competitor as well, and has won Gold and Bronze medals at several Tai Chi championships in the Advanced Tai Chi Form and Weapons divisions. Ms. Briggs has been interviewed by television and newspapers on the growing popularity of Tai Chi in the West, and has most recently co-starred with Master Domingo Colon in the instructional video, “Vol. 1., The Fundamentals of Tai Chi – Basic Movements Standing and Sitting.” This video is the perfect introduction to Tai Chi for the beginning student.

For more information about Nicola Briggs’ group classes in the New York area, or to schedule a demonstration class, you can contact her at or call The Tai Chi School of Westchester at (914) 337-3339.

Chinatown Tai Chi
Seniors in Chinatown practice "Walking Meditation"