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Tai Chi Westchester County

Tai Chi

Our Tai Chi classes are helping men and women all across Westchester County enjoy a strengthened body, a focused mind, and an improved experience in daily life. We are proud to work with people of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Tai Chi Westchester County


Our Meditation training has the power to calm your mind and relax your body. We're helping you break free from the stresses of life and focus only on your breath and relaxation. We're here to help everyone in Bronxville and beyond face life feeling refreshed.

Tai Chi Westchester County

Self Defense

Our Self-Defense classes provide a safe, low-impact path to effective skills for any situation. We are committed to helping people across Bronxville and Westchester County stay safe in any situation.

Tai Chi School of Westchester

Our classes will gently and gradually take you through the beginning, intermediate or advanced stages of Tai Chi so you may absorb this wonderful art easily into your body and mind with a minimum of effort. Each week, we will review the material previously presented, before proceeding to the new exercises.

We are helping people all across Westchester County - regardless of age or fitness level - master the skills of this gentle art and enjoy the benefits in every aspect of life.

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Tai Chi Westchester County
Tai Chi School of Westchester

Your Journey Awaits

Strength & Coordination in Bronxville - Tai Chi School of Westchester

Strength & Coordination

Our low-impact training can help you focus on each individual movement and develop strength throughout every muscle group in your body. We're helping you improve one step at a time.

Breathing & Calm in Bronxville - Tai Chi School of Westchester

Breathing & Calm

This isn't the place for heart-racing workouts. Instead, we're giving you the chance to slow it down and be aware of your body's breathing through every movement on the path to inner calm.

Stress Reduction in Bronxville - Tai Chi School of Westchester

Stress Reduction

Life is busy and we all suffer because of it. In our classes, you can drop those stresses at the door. We're releasing your mind and giving you the chance to focus solely on moving with precision and efficiency.

All Experience Levels in Bronxville - Tai Chi School of Westchester

All Experience Levels

We train people of all ages and all backgrounds but the one thing we have in common is that we were all beginners at one point. Our doors are open to anyone who wants to try out the world of Tai Chi for the very first time.

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