Our Low-Impact Self-Defense System Can Help You Stay Safe In Any Situation

Don't let danger catch you off-guard. At the Tai Chi School of Westchester, we're giving men and women all across Bronxville and Westchester County the tools to defend against a threat and face life with complete confidence.

Our Self-Defense training includes simple, effective strategies that are low-impact and attainable for people of all ages.

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What Can You Expect From Our Self-Defense System? 

Rather than offer our Self-Defense training to everyone in our school, we reserve this class for only the most advanced. In an effort to help you stay safe as you learn the ins and outs of Self-Defense, we also offer professional coaching and hands-on instruction.

At the Tai Chi School of Westchester, we're here to help you stay safe with a series of effective strikes and improved situational awareness.

We're not a fighting school where you can duel it out and see who comes out on top. We're a professional martial arts facility where only respect and discipline will be accepted. 

Come see us here in Bronxville today and learn skills like:

  • Punches and kicks from any position
  • Improved reaction times to any threat
  • Awareness of your surroundings at all times
  • Mental calm in high-stress situations

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If you're ready to prepare for any real-world threat, come see us at the Tai Chi School of Westchester. We're helping everyday people all across Bronxville stay safe and we're excited for you to be next.

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